A fob, also known as a hardware token, is used as a second factor in the multi-factor authentication process when the user does not own a smartphone.

LIT maintains an inventory of fobs to be purchased by offices and departments for employees without smartphones. Fobs are available to students at no cost.

Steps to Submit Request

  1. If you only have one employee that needs a fob, click on the Submit Request for Fob button on the right side
    1. Fill out the form you are taken to, and make sure to include the following:
      1. Employee Name
      2. Employee Email Address
      3. Cost Center of Employee
      4. Is the Employee fully remote? Y/N
      5. Employee's Phone Number (If Employee is fully remote)
      6. Employee's Home Address (If Employee is fully remote)
    2. Submit the form once all of the information is complete
  2. If you have multiple employees that need fobs, please download the Fob Request.xlsx file under the Attachments section on the right
    1. Fill out the spreadsheet with one employee per line
      1. Each field is required in the spreadsheet except for the phone number and home address fields if the employee is not remote
    2. Save the spreadsheet once all of the employees have been listed and all fields are filled out
    3. Click on the Submit Request for Fob button on the right side
    4. Fill out the form
      1. You can disregard the Fob User Details section since you have filled out the spreadsheet
    5. Attach the spreadsheet you have filled out to the form
    6. Once you have attached the spreadsheet, you can submit the form

Available To

Faculty, Staff, and Students

Benefits and Key Features

  • Allows a campus user to take advantage of multi-factor authentication when they do not have a smartphone.


  • A valid UW Stout username or ID number
  • A valid funding string for faculty and staff fob requests

Getting Started

Submit Request for Fob


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