Computer Lab Management

The computer labs on campus are centrally managed by LIT's Lab and Software Team. These labs are equipped with powerful HP and Mac desktops that are purchased and refreshed by LIT. These labs have a variety of pre installed software for class and individual student use. 

Available To

Faculty, Students

Benefits and Key Features

A list of current labs is maintained in our Knowledgebase: Computer Labs


  • All lab computers are equipped with a variety of software dependent on what classes utilizing the lab require. Software versions are updated over the summer during LIT's yearly lab refresh.
  • Our Lab and Software Team maintains an up to date list of available lab software in our Knowledgebase: Current Software Versions


Lab Refresh Program

Labs are divided into three tiers:

  • Tier 1 - High end art, math, gaming, video production, and CAD computers
  • Tier 2 - Need power and graphics but do not need top tier power
  • Tier 3 - Do not need advanced performance but needs a computer for basic computing

Computers are ordered each year for two Tier 1 Windows lab and one Tier 1 Mac lab.

  • Each January the Lab and Software Team evaluate computer specification. They find the best processor, graphics, and RAM that fit within the lab refresh budget.
  • In early March, there is a campus-wide meeting with lab stakeholders to present the proposed computer specs for the upcoming refresh. Stakeholders provide feedback during this meeting.
  • Computers arrive in early summer and are inventoried, imaged, and delivered to the Tier 1 lab specified for refresh.
  • Computers from the Tier 1 labs are cascaded to Tier 2 labs.
  • Computers from the Tier 2 labs are cascaded to Tier 3 labs.

The lab refresh program allows LIT to keep our campus computer labs supplied with powerful computers for instructional use while also maximizing the equipment's life cycle.


To use a computer lab:

  • Valid username and password.

To request changes:

  • Must be a current faculty member that utilizes a lab for classes.

Getting Started

  • Simply sign into the lab computer with a valid username and password.
  • Consult this Knowledgebase for where a required software is installed: Current Software Versions
  • Any issues with a computer lab should be reported through a Helpdesk Ticket.
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