Access and Authentication

Account management life cycle services, including authorization to applications and services, password management, single sign-on, and multi-factor authentication. 

Available To

Faculty, Staff, Students

Benefits and Key Features

  • Principle of Least Privilege
    • Security concept that limits client's access rights to only what are strictly required to accomplish their jobs.
    • Strengthens campus security posture by not assigning unnecessary rights
  • Password complexity and expiration enforced by UW System security policy
  • Access to systems recorded and approved by appropriate campus entities


  • Clients (or their supervisor) should know what systems they need access to and what level of access is needed
  • For systems requiring multi-factor, clients need a smartphone or Duo fob for authentication

Getting Started

  • For new employees, please complete the Employee Onboarding service request
  • For supplemental access, please submit a ticket with as much detail as possible to the system and level of access needed


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Thu 10/27/22 11:21 AM