Employee Offboarding

Offboarding is completed by a client's department consultant and consists of assisting the departing employee move any personal and UW Stout data to the appropriate places. Offboarding should also consist of the consultant working with the employee's department to ensure that system access is transferred to a different employee, if needed.

Available To

Faculty, Staff

Benefits and Key Features

  • LIT consultants receive notification when an employee is leaving and can initiate the offboarding process if a ticket has not already been created.
  • Assistance in transitioning SharePoint, shared email, and other system rights to a new user.
  • Email can be delegated to another department by the employee's supervisor for 30 days.
  • Personal data can be moved to personal storage locations.
  • UW Stout data can be moved to departmentally owned and shared locations, such as SharePoint.


  • Supervisor approval is needed to assign delegate rights to a departing employee's inbox.

Getting Started

  • Please review LIT's Preparing for Departure Guide
    • Reach out to your UW Stout consultant with any questions.
  • An offboarding meeting can be requested by using the Employee Offboarding Needed option.
Employee Offboarding Needed


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