Computer Reimage

Computer reimages delete all content on a computer and reinstall the operating system. This can be used to solve various software issues and is done before a computer is handed off to a new client.

Available To

Faculty, Staff, Students

Benefits and Key Features

  • Refresh the computer operating system, if corrupted or causing issues.
  • Securely erases the device before reuse.
  • Updates outdated computers to the newest operating system.
  • Removes difficult to uninstall software.
  • Used to reset computers for personal use for those completing the eStout program.


  • A UW Stout-owned computer.

Getting Started

  • Backup your device.
    • Backing up data is the responsibility of the client.
    • If assistance is needed, please submit a ticket or stop into the Technology Helpdesk.
  • Plan for at least one full business day without the computer.
  • If needed, faculty and staff can request a loaner computer.
    • Loaners are not available for student reimages.
  • Once ready, bring your computer in for reimage or submit a ticket for the computer to be picked up.
Request a Reimage


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