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Computer loaners allow current employees to request a computer for short-term use. This can be for a variety of reasons including facilitating hardware repairs, adjunct use, events, and travel.

The Technology Help Desk is a walk-in service counter located in 109 Sorensen Hall.

The computer labs on campus are equipped with powerful HP and Mac desktops that are purchased and refreshed by LIT. These labs have a variety of pre installed software for class and individual student use.

The eStout Program is an extensive student laptop program offered at UW Stout and is coordinated and supported by LIT.

Security questions are used to regain access to your UW Stout account if you have forgotten your password.

LIT offers and supports a wide range of software applications for the UW Stout community. A majority of software can be installed through our software portal apps.

Domain Name System (DNS) is used on campus to redirect links to a vanity or friendly URL.

VoIP (Voice over IP) is an LIT managed system used to make and receive calls on campus. Calls are routed through an internet connection rather than traditional phone lines.

When new IT equipment arrives on campus for departments, it is received by LIT to be inventoried, imaged, and deployed.

Cellular devices are available to purchase for specific departments and users on campus who require a cellular-enabled device to complete their work for UW Stout.

When computers, tablets, and other IT assets are no longer needed, they are sent to surplus. These devices are processed by LIT to make sure they are securely wiped and management software is removed before the device is resold at surplus.

Document imaging and work flow processing platform with file storage

LIT provides support for all current Windows and Mac client operating systems.

LIT offers training opportunities and workshops on a variety of digital learning environment tools.

A large portion of the LIT consultant's role is to assist departments with their computer inventory. This capacity can be served by assisting with computer purchasing decisions, non-standard device exemptions, and IT inventory management.

Hardware repair is available for all UW-Stout owned computers, including current eStout laptops. Repairs are all done on-site by our vendor who coordinates with Apple and HP to order replacement parts and complete repairs.

LIT maintains a campus-wide network infrastructure to provide high-speed internet connections for all campus users and guests.

Passwords are self-service, protect your personal data, and give access to campus resources at UW Stout.

LIT supports client's use of the campus networks, both wireless and wired. The underlying network infrastructure is maintained by LIT's Infrastructure Services team where issues on client devices are serviced by the Client Technology Services team.

These tools allow colleagues and classmates to work together on a shared project.

Employee onboarding is essential to make sure that systems are set up for new employees before their first day.

Physical and virtual cloud database hosting services. Service includes infrastructure administration, security, backup, and monitoring.

Design, specification, installation, and administration of physical servers. Services include operating systems updates and patches, security, backup, and monitoring.